How to import and install Elementor Template Pack

Asaduzzaman Abir

Last Update 2 years ago

To upload and install the template pack, use a fresh WordPress installation and then follow the steps:

Step 01

Download the Template Pack and extract

Step 02

After extract you will get a .zip file named 'Template Pack'. Now open your WordPress admin plan and install Elementor Page Builder and activate it.

Step 03

After activate navigate to Elementor > Tools and Click on 'Import/Export Kit. After click just 'Start Import' button

Step 04

Now click on 'Select File' button and choose the 'Template Pack' .zip file

Step 05

Now Elementor will notify you about the recommended plugins. Just select all them and click on 'Next'

Step 06

Now click on 'Import' button

Step 07

If you will get any notice about 'Unfiltered Uploads' then just click on Enable

Step 08

Now wait for a couple of minutes and it will automatically import all of the contents and images. After import you will get a success message.

Step 9

For better view, go to settings from WordPress admin, click on Reading settings and select the homepage.

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